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Authors are people too

Orson Scott Card felt the need to go public online about his views on gay rights…but should I stop reading him? I bought Pathfinder in ebook and audio form, I was super excited to get to it, and I mentioned that on the Twittersphere and immediately was told not to waste my money on a homophobe.

I agree that his views are outdated, that they are clouded by his age, the way he was raised and his religious beliefs and he did so publicly but does that mean I should boycott him and his art?"

Interesting debate over at Would you stop reading an author if you found out he/she had opposing, offensive beliefs? What about musicians or actors? Does it depend (for example, on their age or what those beliefs are)?

You should stop judging books by their covers.

Asked by Anonymous

No, I don’t think I should.

It can be a negative if someone dismisses a book purely because of its cover, but I don’t do that. It may give me a (yes, sometimes negative) first impression of a book but I’ll always read the description, read reviews and think about it more before I decide. I’ll never refuse to read a book based on its cover. However, I’ve also picked up a book I probably wouldn’t have noticed before or chosen to read because of the cover (e.g. Sister stood out to me because of its cover. I originally came across this novel on a website with just the book covers showing. If I hadn’t judged the book by its cover, I’d have never clicked on it and read about it, I’d had never bought, and I’d wouldn’t be recommending it to everyone now). 

Everybody judges a book by its cover, whether they admit it or not. If I posted a book twice and said I loved it, with one of the covers looking similar to Twilight, and another similar to Ender’s Game, they’d most likely get very different book lovers interested in it.

Anyway, you really shouldn’t be surprised that I’m heavily influenced by the visual aspect of books considering I run a blog called “Pretty Books” :) 

Woah. I didn’t expect so much of you to have an opinion on me buying a Kindle xD It’s a good thing though… it is helping me decide!

[I’ve put all previously asked questions in this post (click Read More) to make it look neater) 

averyandi asked: While I totally understand the economics of space/money causing you to buy the Kindle, I simply couldn’t do it. The smell, the bend of the edge of the book, the satisfying clunk of setting the book down on the table after finishing…couldn’t do it. I’d rather pack some books in boxes or sell them at a store than get rid of them. /bibliophile guilt trip.

I’d still do both though. I think that’s what some people are forgetting - just because someone buys an e-reader doesn’t mean they’ll never read a real book again. If I found some really cheap books, or if I really loved a book, or saw that the paperback was cheaper than the Kindle version then I’d get the paperback.

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