I just saw your response to an ask where you mention your Goodreads account.... and I promptly found the site and made one. I've been looking at list of books and click click clicking all morning haha! So exciting! I'm remembering books I haven't thought about in years!! And this will be a much easier way to keep track of books I want to read than writing them down and scraps of paper and losing them =(

Asked by a-pocketful-of-mumbles

Oh, definitely! A follower mentioned it to me in April 2010 and since then I’ve been addicted. I probably visit 10 times a day, every day. My “to read” list has quadrupled since then too. It’s definitely easier than writing them down! I originally had a Word document with all the books I had that I needed to read but Goodreads makes it so much more organised. Plus, I love to see what other people are reading. I’m glad you like it too!

When I read your post on "Sleight" by Jennifer Somersby, I was actually going to stop reading when I read that it had something to do with the circus. But I'm glad I kept reading the review. It sounds like a good book! I think I'll try and find it when I'm done with the one I'm reading now. Thank you!

Asked by sassyinrhodeisland

Haha, I don’t blame you! As I said, that’s exactly what I would have done. It’s really only Gemma’s home. It’s the same as if she were living in a normal house (that just happens to have elephants and lions…) except that it’s a little more interesting and unique. It’s definitely not a major part of the storyline or one that should deter anyone from reading it. I actually came to enjoy it because it was more interesting. I’m glad that you’ve decided to read it :)

(We’re talking about Sleight, if you’re reading this and haven’t seen the review yet).

Hey there, I've been following your blog for such a long time.. and there's so much I'd love to say to you (: I've loved reading.. ever since I can remember, and people would say the typical "oh you're such a nerd, get a life" and the usual remarks you get but that never ever phased me.. I was addicted to reading, to buying books, every new book had a story waiting to be told and I loved knowing that I might be the first of many to come in reading it. Even now, at 18, I sometimes get emotional when I finish a good book, I always feel like I've lost a part of myself once I finish it 'cause while reading it, I put myself in the story.. & I know that many people out there will be able to relate to what I'm saying :) especially you, and I love your blog so much 'cause I see that you love books as much as I do.. and I don't feel like I'm the only one (:

Asked by the-cynical-believer

Thank you for your wonderful message <3 

I’ve been lucky in the sense that I’ve always had friends that read occasionally. They understand and have never teased me for loving books. Even so, I am still apprehensive about saying to other people that I love reading (even though I work in publishing so it shouldn’t be a surprise!) because there will always be people that find it incredibly mundane, and the people that do it geeky and boring. But hey, they’re the ones missing out.

I think it’s great that you still get emotionally invested in the books that you read. Some people aren’t passionate about anything. At least ours is a productive and rewarding experience!

"Book lovers never go to bed alone" :)

OMG. This isn't a question, I just wanted to tell you that you seem to be the only other person in the world that loves Prisoner of Azkaban. Whenever I tell people it's one of my favourites they're like EW THAT'S THE WORST ONE. SCREW THEM. #teamPOA

Asked by Anonymous

Really? That’s intriguing. It’s probably also my favourite HP movie. I know everyone loves the Deathly Hallows, but for me, one of the best things about Harry Potter was Hogwarts and so I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else. I decided to look up the average ratings on Goodreads:

6. Chamber of Secrets - 4.13

5. Philosopher’s Stone - 4.21

4. Order of the Phoenix - 4.29

3. Prisoner of Azkaban / Goblet of Fire - 4.36 

2. Half-Blood Prince - 4.38

1. Deathly Hallows - 4.46

I’m not surprised Chamber of Secrets is low. I still really loved the book, I just wasn’t into the whole basilisk thing. I’m guessing one of the reasons Philosopher’s Stone is low as it would also be rated by people who only read the first book and didn’t enjoy it so didn’t bother to continue the series.

Man, I wish we could do polls on Tumblr. I love polls. 

You should stop judging books by their covers.

Asked by Anonymous

No, I don’t think I should.

It can be a negative if someone dismisses a book purely because of its cover, but I don’t do that. It may give me a (yes, sometimes negative) first impression of a book but I’ll always read the description, read reviews and think about it more before I decide. I’ll never refuse to read a book based on its cover. However, I’ve also picked up a book I probably wouldn’t have noticed before or chosen to read because of the cover (e.g. Sister stood out to me because of its cover. I originally came across this novel on a website with just the book covers showing. If I hadn’t judged the book by its cover, I’d have never clicked on it and read about it, I’d had never bought, and I’d wouldn’t be recommending it to everyone now). 

Everybody judges a book by its cover, whether they admit it or not. If I posted a book twice and said I loved it, with one of the covers looking similar to Twilight, and another similar to Ender’s Game, they’d most likely get very different book lovers interested in it.

Anyway, you really shouldn’t be surprised that I’m heavily influenced by the visual aspect of books considering I run a blog called “Pretty Books” :) 

I love Bogies’s Hedwig bookmark…

and so I just bought one! Yay! I’m happy. Get one too before she runs out!

Here are the rest of the comments and questions I received this week :) 

1. starrystarryday asked: Hi! You say in your bio up top ^ that you love your bookcases. Any chance you can post a picture of them? I like bookcases too :P.

Hey! This is the only one I’ve taken but it has since been rearranged (and the photo’s also missing another shelf at the top) and I have another identical one on the other side of the room (which is nearly full up!).

2. How do you organize your books? Alphabetical order? :)

By size! No, really. I do. I put those in the same series together but otherwise I do it by height! I can’t stand books of different heights together on my bookshelves. It does occasionally make it hard to find a particular book but most of the time I know where everything is!

3. taylorfreeeman asked: Considering you like books a lot, I’m sure you have already heard of or read these books, but I recommend books by Ellen Hopkins such as Crank, Identical, Glass. I just thought I’d mention them because I didn’t see any reference anywhere on your profile. If you haven’t heard of them, look them up and tell me what you think, or whatever!

I have! I’m really unsure about buying them though as I think they might be a bit too young for me but I’d definitely try them if I saw them in the library.

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Questions and comments this week… (Part 2)

Here are (some of) the questions and comments I received this week :)

14. rizabella asked: I might be going to London FOR the 2012 Olympics!! I have a thing for divers (; You’ll have to show me around to all the good book shops! I’m the same as you, don’t really know what I like but I LOVED the Hunger Games and wasn’t sure at all what it was about. BLAH, must start on homework.. have a lovely day today! - H

I really want to discover more London bookshops myself! I tend to only go to Waterstone’s. Have fun at the Olympics! It’s not too far from my home so I’ll definitely try to go.

15. fairlyloveverything asked: HELLO, Can you recommend me a good love story books. THANKS :)

I’m sorry, I don’t really read love stories :( I suppose The Time Traveler’s Wife might be interesting from a relationship point of view?

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Questions and comments this week… (Part 1)

Here are (some of) the questions I received this week :)

1. cloudydream asked: How do you choose the books you will read?

It usually depends on what I feel like reading! I guess it’s just a feeling. Do I feel like reading something I know is going to be depressing? Challenging or light reading? Serious or humorous? 

2. tonightamlovingbooks asked: Hello, so here’s the thing. I was going through all of my likes on tumblr yesterday. I was doing this because I started a quote book and i wanted to include quotes I’ve found inspiring here on Tumblr. One of my older likes was of an answered you answered to a question. The question was something about how you feel about reading only fiction and not “classic” novels etc. Your answer was very strong and i had saved it to my likes back then. But yesterday, when i read it again, i found myself smiling because when ever my parents accuse me of reading only “garbage” I have something to keep me strong. The last few sentences of your answer really hit a cord in me, and so I have added it to my quote book - and I hope this isn’t creepy. I just wanted to let you know that you’re an inspiration and that I love your blog. Thank you. 

This is your last part of the answer I’m talking about:

"If I went through life reading only what I think I should be reading… well, what’s the point? Books are there to be enjoyed and there’s a difference between being ignorant and reading what you enjoy"

- prettybooks

Aww that’s so nice! Thank you so much <3 This makes me feel better too because I do still feel guilty about some of the stuff I read. Even though I stand by what I said, I do feel self conscious sometimes. I’m glad that people understand. P.S. I also love Cardcaptor Sakura :) 

3. lostmybalance asked: I’m thinking of doing the 50 Book Challenge and I was wondering if you could make a post of books you would recommend for it? Basically just a list of books you love/think others would love?

Here are 10 books that I really enjoyed:

- The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
- The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
- Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
- 1984 by George Orwell
- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
- The Missing by Jane Casey
- The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
- A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer
- High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

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1st January, 2011

Here are the questions and comments I’ve received this week. Click “read more” to see more.

1. artificialtrees asked: You smell books, too? I’m not alone! :D What’re your favorites to smell, old books or new?

This is quite a controversial question! I’d have to say new, actually, even if they both smell great. As much as I love the smell of old books, new ones just smell cleaner and less dusty.

2. gigiownsthemafia asked: I’ll be doing the 50 book challenge! I might go for 75, but for now 50 is good. I am very excited!

It IS very exciting, isn’t it? I wish you good luck with your challenge!

3. wouldyoukim asked: Do you take requests? If you do, do you have any Hemingway book pictures? He’s my favorite author :)

I love requests! I’ve posted one (and I saw that you saw) and there’s also some in the queue :)

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You and I walk a fragile line, I have known it all this time…

Here are the questions and comments I received this week. Click “read more” to see more. (P.S. Thank you for all the recommendations this week! It is really appreciated).

1. abydear asked: Finally! I’ve always wondered about Vampire Academy! I remember reading the blurb and thinking that it sounded a bit more complex (and therefore, more intriguing) than the other vampire series out. Thanks for the heads up, I look forward to borrowing it from the library (for I am broke as can be!) :D

Also, on a side note, while I love adult fiction, there’s always those few (if not several) amazing gems in the teen fic/young adult fic genres. I mean, they’re so imaginative and the energy in them makes my heart yearn for more and more, and I often find that they make me want to put some more adventure into my life, or to inspire me to keep dreaming - to keep imagining! :] But that’s me haha, and that’ll probably be me until I get old and cranky enough to not bother with picking anything up!

P.S. Thank you for all the great work this year! Can’t wait for 2011’s prettybooks ;D

I definitely think it’s more complex too (although I’m not saying it’s amazing and is going to change the world!). I really hope you enjoy it! I agree with you about YA fiction. I was judgemental towards it a few months ago but then I read The Hunger Games and now I feel like people shouldn’t judge a book by its genre (although I still do sometimes, of course - but I try more to read about the book at least before I decide to read it or not). 

Aww. Thank you for your lovely comments. Pretty Books is 1 year old in January and it’s been a great year and I’ve had a lot of fun running this blog and chatting to people about books. 

2. roguecolour asked: You inspired me to complete the 50 Book Challenge this year. So, thank you.

You’re welcome :) I just thought I’d share it since I personally have fun doing it.

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….And Christmas is over! That was fast.

Here are the comments and questions I’ve received this week. Click “read more” to see others.

walrusinmybackyard asked: I’ve been reading the last 17 pages of yout blog, and you just added at least 5 books on my to read list. I’ve been Googleing all the titles of the books that you post pictures of. I really like your blog! Can you recommend me any fantasy books?

That’s great! I love it when people browse the archive because the downside of Tumblr is that loads of photos get forgotten about once they’re not on your dashboard anymore. I’m not much of a fantasy reader, I’m afraid. However, you can browse Goodreads to see what sort of fantasy books I’ve read previously :)

(Also check out littlemihaela’s recommendation below) 

Anonymous asked: I want to recommend you read Hold Still. I am currently reading it and the book seems very good. It is by Nina LaCour.

Thank you for your recommendation. It sounds really interesting and kind of like Thirteen Reasons Why but more real

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1 day, 2 hours, 48 minutes until Christmas…

Here are the questions and comments I’ve received this week! 

1. re-collect asked: Hi! Have you read books by Sophie Kinsella? What’d you think of it? :)

Yes! I love Sophie Kinsella. Once you accept that her novels are going to be shallow and consumeristic and there’s nothing you can do about it, they’re really enjoyable and humorous. I really like the Shopaholic series (it’s nothing like the movie) and also Can You Keep a Secret? and Undomestic Goddess

2. weareinseperable asked: Shiver is an amazing book. I saw it in the bookstore one afternoon and finished it the same day. So, if I was you, I would give it a try! :)

I’m definitely going to give Shiver a try! I’ll either ask for it for my birthday in a few months or buy it when the third book comes out in July. I have a ton of books (80+) to read but I’ll definitely get around to it eventually because I’m so curious to see what all the hype is about.

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5 days, 10 hours until Christmas…

Here are the questions and comments I have received this week! Click “read more” to see the others.

1. Anonymous asked: Which is the worst book you’ve ever read? I mean worst both as in horribly written/horrible story and horrible as in omg-wish-i-didn’t-read-it.

I don’t think I’ve read a book that bad! I generally try to see positives in every book even if I didn’t love it. However, I decided to read the first Gossip Girl book (but I probably should have figured I’d see it differently as a 13 year old than a 20 year old) last year or something and I really thought that was awful. After I had finished, I threw it down in disgust. Another book I really didn’t like was The Vampire Diaries book 1-2. It wasn’t bad as such but I haven’t been that bored reading a book in a long time! I did try reading 3-4 but I couldn’t take it anymore…

2. fractalmind asked: Hi! I just wanted to let you know i’m taking part in the “50 book challenge” starting this January. I don’t consider myself an avid reader, though I do love reading. I hope that this will help improve my reading and writing skills, among other thing. Thanks for making such a wonderful blog.

That’s great! I love taking part in the 50 book challenge (even though the OCD in me really want to wait until January even though it was August when I started… that would have been insane) even if it’s just because I love making lists! I write a review for every book I read, which makes it more interesting too. Good luck with it and thank you for your lovely comment! :) 

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The room’s hush, hush and now’s our moment…

Here are all the questions and comments I’ve received this week!

mybookismyfriend asked: Hi there prettybooks. I’m Charie and I’m 12 turning 13, I’m a Pinay and I loved your blog. Can you recommend some books for me, please? :)

Hi, Charie! If you add me to Goodreads you can see all the books I read in Secondary School (ages 11-16) so you might find something you like there or on my other bookshelves :) Thank you for following!

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