I love your blog and I think the 50 book challenge is a great idea. I was wondering, how do I start a new page to keep track of the books I read?

Asked by lesharicole-deactivated20110117

You go to “Customize” > “Pages” > “Add a page” > Write something (e.g. 50bookchallenge) after the / in the “Page URL” and then just write what you want in the main box! :) Make sure you click “Show a link to this page” - this makes it show up on your blog.

edit: I’ve received some messages saying this isn’t working for some people. I’m guessing this is because your theme may not support links in the sidebar. Either try a different theme to see if that’s the problem or edit the link in your description manually (i.e. go to Customize and edit the description box using HTML using the link to the page you made previously). 

To add the book titles to the page, just type in the box like you would with a normal post - in the “Body” section :)


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