Hi, i just finished to read tfios and its one of the best book I have ever read , i would like to get more good books to read. thank's

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I’ll have to point you towards my lists of YA contemporary books here and here :)

Hi! :) I would love to work in publishing and so far I've done one work experience placement in a publishing house. Plus I have another one coming up next month. I was just wondering how much work experience I need before actually apply for publishing jobs? Is two good enough? I'm not sure if it makes any different, but they are both in different departments.

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I’d say it’s less about how much work experience you do and more about what you’ve learned from it (and other relevant experiences). If you work on a lot of different tasks (or even a few, but learned a lot from them), and can demonstrate this on your application and in your interview, then it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t necessary look better if you’ve done 4 months or 4 weeks if you can demonstrate the same skills, knowledge and experience.

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