#BookADayUK / Coming-of-age book
I read so many coming-of-age books since I love YA contemporary, so I went with one of the originals. It’s difficult to explain what I loved about The Outsiders. I read it four years ago and it was a mix of being blown away by the characters and the story, and being surprised because I didn’t know what the expect from this modern classic that I’d owned for years but hadn’t picked up.

#BookADayUK / Literary detective
Laura Marlin is an incredibly passionate, intelligent and brave young detective! Dead Man’s Cove was (to my delight!) much more complicated and darker than expected, but it also leaves you nostalgic for a childhood you (likely) never had, full of breakfast by the sea, accompanied by a loyal Siberian Husky named Skye, roaming sand the ‘colour of a Labrador puppy’, but most of all, in the company of a brilliant friend capable of solving any mystery!