I just saw your response to an ask where you mention your Goodreads account.... and I promptly found the site and made one. I've been looking at list of books and click click clicking all morning haha! So exciting! I'm remembering books I haven't thought about in years!! And this will be a much easier way to keep track of books I want to read than writing them down and scraps of paper and losing them =(

Asked by a-pocketful-of-mumbles

Oh, definitely! A follower mentioned it to me in April 2010 and since then I’ve been addicted. I probably visit 10 times a day, every day. My “to read” list has quadrupled since then too. It’s definitely easier than writing them down! I originally had a Word document with all the books I had that I needed to read but Goodreads makes it so much more organised. Plus, I love to see what other people are reading. I’m glad you like it too!