What is your most memorable book that you have read?

Asked by lifeissweetinbooks

It’s impossible to say. (I actually have quite a bad memory anyway!). But I can say that some of the most memorable that I’ve read so far this year are Sleuth on Skates (smart and funny young protagonist), Hyperbole and a Half (honest and witty memoir), We Were Liars (beautiful setting and surprising twist), Trouble (fun and honest story about teenage pregnancy), Ketchup Clouds (wonderful contemporary novel), Liar & Spy (superbly written, original and moving middle grade mystery).

See, I can’t even pick one book from this year!

Hi! Can you suggest to me words that are related to books and/or reading? Thanks! :D

Asked by chibivy


abibliophobia (n.)

the fear of running out of reading materials

biblichor (n.)

the characteristic, faint, musty smell of old books

tsundoku 積ん読 (つんどく) (n. Japanese)

the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together with other such unread books

vāde mēcum (n. Latin)

favorite book carried everywhere; a handbook of useful information kept at one’s side lit. “go with me”

dhvani (n. Sanskrit)

lit. ‘sound’ or ‘echo’; the feature of a poem/line of having a hidden meaning that strikes you in the second or further readings, but not the first