OH MY GOD! I love your blog so much! How many books have you read in your whole life? That's amazing, I mean... wow, there are people who still read and I'm not alone.

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Thanks so much! You are definitely not alone. I know I’m definitely missing some (and I haven’t included baby and young children’s books), but Goodreads tells me I’ve read 638!

Hey! I am 12 years and LOVE reading! I have the reading age of 16.4. Is there any books that you could recommend to me that are reality-related? I just read The Fault In Our Stars and LOVED IT. I do not like myth/fantasy books at all. Thanks. x

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Hey! That’s amazing! There’s so many wonderful YA contemporary/realistic novels out there. I made a list earlier this year for fans of John Green, which you can read here. Here’s some that were missed off the original list, although I haven’t read the majority of them yet (they’re mostly on the original list)!

Love, Lies and Lemon Pies
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks
The Worst Girlfriend in the World
Love Letters to the Dead
Open Road Summer
I’ll Give You the Sun
Don’t Even Think About It (it’s about a group of teenagers who have telepathy, but it’s essentially a fun, contemporary story!)
Suite Scarlett
The Key to the Golden Firebird
By Any Other Name
Boys Don’t Knit
Say What You Will
Life by Committee
Rules of Summer

Slightly younger:
A Boy Called Hope

Liar & Spy
After Iris
A Room Full of Chocolate

It can be a bit overwhelming as there’s so many books and so little time to read them, but some of my absolute favourites are Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, Ketchup Clouds, Anna and the French Kiss, Geek Girl and Trouble.

Did you buy multiple copies or?

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Sort of! The box set was a birthday present and The Fault in Our Stars paperback was included in the price of the author tour ticket, but you can read about how I ended up with multiple copies of John Green’s books here. (It wasn’t really intentional, except for that daisy edition of Looking for Alaska because I just couldn’t find it anywhere when I originally wanted to buy the book).

Which fictional character do you want to be a real person? :)

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Oh gosh… I’m sure there’s so many! But I have to say, Étienne St. Clair was the first one that popped into my head…

Hi! So this might sound a bit weird but your blog always makes me really calm haha maybe its the books I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and that you're awesome!

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It’s not weird at all, don’t worry! I find the whole book world and book industry (especially bookshops!) calming… !