Inside a Victorian house sandwiched between two greek fraternity houses is one of the best bookstores in Philadelphia. Remarkably well curated, A House of Our Own is stuffed with volumes of excellent quality and content at very reasonable prices. 

Spread over two full floors, the bookstore has some new volumes, but features a stunning selection of used books on a wide range of topics. On a recent visit I walked away with a four volume set of books for which I’d been searching more than a year. Bookstores from D.C. to Baltimore, Boston to New York (and even Baldwin’s Book Barn) had let me down, but A House of Our Own came through with a pristine set at a great price.

I highly recommend several hours at this fantastic bookstore. A House of Our Own is located at 3902 Spruce Street, on the edge of the University of Pennsylvania’s campus.

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10 Children’s and YA First World War Books
Did you know that 100 years ago today was the start of the First World War? World War One began on 28th July 1914, when Austria declared war on Serbia, and lasted until 11th November 1918. It’s one of history’s deadliest conflicts, but there’s few children’s and young adult books set during it (you’ll find much more about WWII). The centenary has meant that a whole host of children’s books surrounding WWI were published this year, so here’s a selection that I’ve come across, some read, some just on my wishlist. Head over to my other Pretty Books to find out more about these books.

I’m reblogging again because Britain declared war on Germany 100 years ago today!