#BookADayUK / Favourite Agatha Christie mystery
I’ve only read three Agatha Christie books: And Then There Were None, Death on the Nile & Murder on the Orient Express, but I think And Then There Were None will be my favourite for a long time because I cannot imagine a more brilliant mystery! It may not be a book I’ll treasure forever but after reading it, I wanted to enthusiastically recommend it to everyone I knew. It has those moments that make you sit up and gasp, and wonder how you didn’t notice them before.

hey .. what's your stand on the fault in our stars by john green ?

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I loved it! I enjoyed it even more the second time because I wasn’t rushing to finish it. I’ve seen the adaptation in the cinema twice too and I’m very sad that we have to wait until a November until it’s released on DVD in the UK. I wrote a review back in 2012 here.